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Share this story linkedin facebook twitter email. Concluding the deal means that IS now extends the advantage of its infrastructure, people and platforms to the dynamic and growing consumer segment in South Africa.

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Internet Solutions already has an established presence in the SME, enterprise, and wholesale segments. Mweb fibre is not yet available throughout South Africa, but is a work-in-progress. Mweb is also part of larger organizations such as Multichoice South Africa Holdings and a subsidiary of Naspers. Mweb not only caters to businesses large and small but also to individual clients looking to connect their home and even gamers benefit from the services offered from Mweb South Africa.

Mweb Cape Town is where the company's head office is located but its comprehensive support allows you the freedom to enjoy Mweb online shopping as well as great customer support.

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Mweb is known to be one of the country's largest brands when it comes to affordable and excellent internet services and provisions whether commercial or domestic based. You can have a look at Mweb press office for Mweb news, which includes local, Africa and international news feeds.

“It’s the 90s calling, they want their landline back”

Mweb specials are available on a regular basis so make sure that you check out the latest Mweb catalogue to grab the latest Mweb deals. We first have to look at the capped packages. These include:. You should note that all the above packages come with free deal of connection, installation and a router.

MWEB launches uncapped ADSL for R79 a month

The costs given above are rated on a monthly basis. If you are looking to answer the question, how much is uncapped WiFi per month? Then these figures from MWEB will give you an idea of what to expect. Chances are that even with an intensive fibre price comparison South Africa has to offer, you will find costs that are almost similar if not higher or lower. Like the capped packages, these also come with free offer on a router, installation, and connection. Now that you have an idea of the different MWEB fibre packages, the last decision lies with you.

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Check out what speeds of internet you want and decide whether the capped or uncapped option is most ideal for you. If you have specific targets and are likely to consume a known amount of data, then the capped options would be most appropriate.

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  2. MWEB and Fon collaborate to build South Africa’s largest WiFi network.
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  4. MWEB and Fon to build South Africa’s largest WiFi network!
  5. For heavy data users that may never estimate their usage, the uncapped option would be ideal. The bottom line though is about choosing internet speeds that you want, as well as going for the costs you are willing to foot on a regular basis.

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